Regular Updates Services


Regular Updates Services​ for your website

Updating your website is as important as building it, and for two main reasons. First, web technologies change with time and some features built into your existing website might become obsolete. Secondly, your brand image suffers if you present the same website to your customers and fail to evolve with time. That’s where I can help with my website management services.

Here is a general list of service task we provide under our website maintenance plan:

Quarterly (at a minimum) focus chats to assess the state of your website and ensure that your online activities remain in line with your overall business objective

  • Adding new content (upon request)
  • Modernized design upgrades (providing the task is under 2 hours)
  • Website backups (backups are stored both local on the website and in our studio repositories
  • Speed optimization (as identified by reporting and monitoring tools)
    Site security monitoring
  • CMS platform and plugin/custom code upgrades
  • Site traffic statistic monitoring and reporting
  • Goal conversion tracking and optimization
  • Webmaster tool monitoring (monitoring for broken links, crawl errors, and more)
    and much more…


Service hours for website maintenance task vary according to complexity, planning and objectives intended. We make every effort to assess a project request in advance to help determine turnaround time, team assignment and content or material prerequisites. There is no exact science to job estimation however we will advise you during the course of a project is we have estimated incorrectly.

What you may need

  • Addition of new web pages.
  • Updating existing pages with text and images
  • Posting blogs and articles on your site
  • Upgrading navigation to make it more effective
    Updating footer
  • information such as the copyright year
  • Creating image sliders or header banners
  • Auditing links on every page of your website
  • Integrating ecommerce or blog elements
    Or, full professional
  • website creation services and build

We Design

We are here to create the best web designs for you. Our well-planned designs will help you to increase revenue quickly.

We Develop​

Our team of developers is here to create flawless websites for you.

We Optimise​

Getting high traffic from the online world is not easy. That’s why we are here to help you to fetch more visitors from Google or social media.

We Report​

We will keep you updated with customers’ interactions with your website. We will share the monthly Google Analytics report and we will also update you with the required improvements.

We are providing outsourced IT services for your business

If you are interested to know about the excellence of our services then read case studies of our previous clients. These case studies will help you know why we are the best when it comes to digital marketing in Asia.