Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application Development

we believe in doing things differently. We fuse unparalleled business strategy with world-class app development to deliver our clients beautiful mobile apps with real ROI.

Our team of full-stack NYC mobile app developers provides start-to-finish support for ideating, validating, and creating digital products. We can help you scale your mobile app and build a user base using the leanest, highest-return methods in today’s market.

INLEADS is more than just an app development company – we’re a creative business development studio. With a strong presence in New York City, we’re ready to bring your app idea to life in the Big Apple.

When you work with INLEADS, you’re getting a dedicated team of NYC mobile app developers. Beyond that, you’re also joining a family that spans continents and is dead-set on seeing you succeed.

Mobile App Development

Whether you’re building an iOS, Android, or React Native app, INLEADS has an around-the-clock team of experienced NYC app developers serving the New York market.

We’ve built everything from lean, single-function MVPs to enormous enterprise mobile apps serving global user bases.

Our team scales to meet your needs and we give you the flexibility to start small with the knowledge that we’ll have the development expertise to back you up.

At INLEADS, we’ve cut our teeth in a wide range of industries and verticals, but in all of our projects, we place a focus on real results.

Our mission isn’t to blindly build an application. No, we want to get a deep understanding of your business model so we can tie every decision to your overreaching business goals and strategy. Developing with your long-term objectives in mind allows us to create applications designed – at every level – to generate real ROI and growth for your business.

Product Development Process & Deliverables

Once underway, our app development philosophy and process are firmly rooted in an Agile framework. Agile app development is a framework for developing software that focuses on creating working, functional programs instead of a comprehensive plan. In other words, build first, test, and iterate.

The principles of Agile are outlined in the Agile Manifesto as follows:

  • Responding to change & not just sticking to the plan
  • Collaboration with clients over negotiating contracts
  • Functioning software over comprehensive documentation
  • Interactions with individuals instead of processes and tools

We rely on Agile app development because, time and time again, it works. Agile is a flexible methodology that allows us to respond to new information and keep the app development process fluid yet efficient.

Whether you’re a scrappy, two-person startup or an enterprise corporation looking to test new product ideas, we provide app development that’s dynamic, ROI-minded, and ready to grow and change with your business. That’s a recipe for success, no matter your app idea

We Design

We create the website design based on your branding looks. Every single bsuiness is different so simply we are doing unique looks design for our customers.

We Develop​

Based on your business needs we are developing your website options and functions, which will give your customer a new experience.

We Optimise​

Give Your Business The Traffic It Deserves. Online traffic is one of the most important aspects of any growing business. For all of this we must need to optimise your website

We Report​

For insights into your customers’ interaction with your site, we’ll send monthly Google Analytics reports, and can call to discuss what’s working and what to improve.

We Provide Outsourced IT Services For Small & Mid-Sized Business

Discover what’s made us gain a reputation for excellence by reading some of our case studies from previous clients located both within Malaysia and internationally. Find out why we’re putting Asia on the map when it comes to digital marketing.