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Application Integration Services Malaysia

Integration and customization of applications can save your company a lot of money and time, whether they’re in the cloud or on-premise, proprietary or open-source. Application integration can give a wealth of business intelligence across your entire organization.
With a dependable integration solution adapted to your unique environment and goals, Inleads helps you excel at any integration initiative. We rely on mature quality management and assure that our collaboration does not pose any dangers to your data security.

Application Integration, an Essential Process for Your Success

In today’s fast-paced world of technology, software integration has become a must-have for enterprises. Businesses typically own various systems and applications to satisfy their multiple demands; they continue to add new technology to their existing systems to meet their growing needs for growth and survival.

However, with time, these accumulating software parts sitting in their silos may cause inefficiencies in business processes and a plethora of incompatibility difficulties. In fact, the proper flow of operations is hampered to such an extent that it impacts the company’s potential, productivity, and overall growth. This is when these disparate systems must be connected to establish functional flows and ensure smooth business processes.

Inleads is a renowned software integration company that offers all types of third-party API integration services. We combine software subsystems into single, simple, and coherent systems that act as a whole for many processes as a trustworthy software integration provider. Our API integrators have implemented a variety of new solutions to address API integration difficulties that arise throughout the cycle.

Problems We Solve

Application response time:
We plan capacity and middleware adequately (load and performance testing, network latency problem evaluation), create scalable architecture, implement priority queues, use timeouts, sync calls effectively, log and cache.

Data quality problems:
We identify possible pain points across the company and eradicate them by implementing data governance rules, error message management, message completeness verification, and distributed transaction rollback.

Security vulnerabilities:
We employ complex access control rules, implement industry-proven authentication and authorization mechanisms, and implement “safer” outbound connections, among other things.

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