Mobile ERP


Mobile ERP

Productive employees and well-thought-out management are what distinguish great companies from ordinary ones. It’s no surprise organizations adopt the latest tech trends to keep their employees’ productivity high. They understand the best way to achieve this is to provide them with a seamless solution for work. Mobile ERP solutions proved themselves as a great choice for this purpose.

Just imagine, one of your sales representatives go on a business trip and he/she is able to look through the company statistics and even manage deals on the go. That’s only one of the hundreds of possible use cases which influence on a total efficiency level.

Benefits of mobile ERP solutions

It’s the cornerstone of mobile ERP applications. Mobility makes it possible for employees across various industries to operate with their core working data wherever they are. For example, sales representatives are able to check inventory levels, production schedules, and even do CTP while sitting next to the customer somewhere on a meeting. All these allow not only raise the efficiency but make more informed decisions.


Leaving aside the total efficiency level, ERP mobile apps can also speed up separate business processes. In manufacturing, there are always certain risks connected with production delay and caused by some delivery troubles. Mobile ERP software minimizes these risks with the help of early warnings (e.g. push notifications). Wherever employees are — in office or factory — they’ll be notified of delivery delay. In turn, they can respond to the situation and tailor manufacturing processes in a way to avoid loss of time and money.


It’s hard to overestimate the importance of quick response to a certain problem. ERP on mobile devices provides users with instant access to the business information they need so they can react to the problem quickly. It contributes to better and faster decision-making.


As a rule, to create a good workflow you should plan everything out and collaborate with colleagues to ask their opinion. Mobile ERP facilitates the whole process using simple alerts that notify a team about the upcoming task they should approve. Regardless of the process, it can be approved via the smartphone with zero efforts. 

Mobile ERP ensures company with a competitive advantage due to the acceleration of it’s business processes. Employees can interact with customers there and then, while field workers don’t have to get back to the office in order to regulate certain problems.


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